Deptt. of Economics

Head of the Department
Dr.(Mrs.) Rekha Mehta

Deptt. of Economics

About the Department

The Department of Economics came into existence in 1954 as one of the major department in the former S.M.K. (Govt.) College of Arts, Jodhpur. When the Jodhpur University came into existence in 1962 the department grew fairly and steadily. It has a glorious history of being headed by (Late) Prof. S.D. Derashri,(Miss) R. Padmini,Prof. Y.K. Alagh, Prof. V.S. Chitre, Prof. H.L. Upadhyay,  Prof. Bhagwat Swroop, Prof. A.C. Angrish, Prof. R.L. Sharma, Dr. K.C. Mundra, Dr. (Miss) P. Bhargava, Prof. R.R. Bhakar, Prof. K.D. Swami, Prof. G.S. Chandawat, Dr. S.C. Sharma. Presently Dr. (Mrs.) Rekha Mehta is Head of the department of Economics. 

Major focus of the Department teaching/research, Quantitative Economics, Agricultural Economics, Industrial Economics, Labor Economics & Econometrics Economics .The Department of Economics convenes national seminars and workshops Almost Every year. Major thrust areas within the subject Macro Economics, Economics of Development, Industrial Economics and Agricultural Economics, International Economics 

Academic programmes
Programme Level of Study
B.A. (3 years) Under Graduate
B.A Hons.(2 years) Under Graduate
M.A. (2 years) Post Graduate
Ph.D. Ph.D


Projects (Completed & ongoing)

1.    UGC sponsored minor Research project entailed “Money, output and price level in India”

Year – (1998-2000)

Project Head – Dr. Rekha Mehta


2.    UGC Major Research   project entailed “Gender poverty Nexus in an unorganized sectors”   

Year – (2007-2010)

Project Head – Dr. Rekha Mehta


3.    UGC Major Research Project entailed, “Business Cycles in India : Facts and Myths 1950-2008”

Year – 2008

Project Head- Prof. R.L. Sharma


4.    Women study center entailed “Migrants women in Jodhpur” Year- 2012

Project Head - Dr. Rekha Mehta


5.    ICSSR Research Project entailed, “Dynamics of Socio-Economic changes of Tribe in Tribal sub-plan Area of Rajasthan

Year 2014

Project Head - Dr. L.L. Salvi




1.    13th Annual Conference of the Rajasthan Economic Association 1995

By Prof. R.L. Sharma


2.    27th Annual Conference of the Rajasthan Economic Association 2006

By Dr. R.R. Bhakar


3.    33rd Annual Conference of the Rajasthan Economic association (18,19,20 Jan 2013)

By Dr. S.C. Sharma

4.    National Seminar (20-21 March,2013)

Title: “Socio-economic Development of Tribes in India”

By Dr. L.L. Salvi


5.    National Seminar (28-29 January 2014)

Title “Globalization and Tribal people”

By Dr. L.L. Salvi


6.    National Seminar(13-14 Feb 2015)  Title “Emerging challenges and prospects of Indian economy”

By Dr. Dev Karan


7.    Work Shop on Research Methodology (18-27 May 2015)

By Dr. L.L. Salvi  



Courses Offered By the Department
Faculty Members of the Department
Dr. (Mrs.) Rekha Mehta


Associate Professor

Dr. Madan Mohan

Associate Professor

Dr. Laxman Lal Salvi

Assistant Professor

Mr. Parvej Ali

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kanta Choudhary

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Rekha

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jaya Bhandari

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajni Kant Trivedi

Assistant Professor

Mr. Shravan Raj

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dev Karan

Assistant Professor

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